Our Certifications

• QSE certifications (ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001) for the Natural Hazards and Maritime and River Divisions ;
• ISO 9001, QUALIBAT, MASE and QUALIANOR certifications and UTO qualification for the Industry and Urban Division.

Our CSR model (Corporate Social Responsibility)

• CAN won the 2013 French Construction Instructor Award (Prix du Moniteur de la Construction) for the Public Works category.
• CAN won the 2016 Rhône-Alpes CSR Award (Trophées RSE Rhône-Alpes) for the Environment category.
• CAN has been assessed three times on ACESIA, the platform for evaluating suppliers. CAN received a score of 69/100, which is almost double the average score of all the companies assessed.

Last assessment test 16/06/2017.